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Management perception and goal: according to the demands of modern enterprise system, establishing to perfect department working procedure and managing system centering on the performance evaluation, to achieve the general guiding idea of Kangli system innovation and structure innovation. We regard achieving 6S, i.e. Arrangement, Rectification, Sweeping, Cleaning, Accomplishment and Safety, and establishing the SBU Management culture as our general target.

Kangli people declare:
We are excellent Kangli People!
We are destined to be a group of people who pursuing excellence, and we are destined to be a group of unordinary people;
We appreciate the great age, as our lives are so different;
We dream, we create, we will fail, and we will also succeed;
Mission and enthusiasm is the unvaried Gene of us, and constantly striving for becoming stronger is the source of power for us to be successful;
We pursue grace value and dignity, the high goal will not prevent us from being afraid, and our natural instincts are sustainable acting to achieve the goal;
We are faithful to the sacred career that we are proud of, and we are bravely facing the future challenges;
The world becomes more wonderful because of us, and we become successful because of the wonderful.

The spirit of Kangli people: diligent, practical, exploiting, and innovative
The mission of Kangli: always keeping survival and development of the enterprise, and continuously creating values for clients, employees, and the society.
The will of Kangli: building Kangli Company as the important glass deep processing base by the integration of Technology, Production and Trades in East China area, even in all over the country. The products are going to enter the international market, and to create the world first-class brand.  

Management Policy: Implementing the management modes as human-oriented managing, be good to the employees, and taking man as the end;
Human Resources Policy: No distinction between joining in early or late, give someone work suited to his abilities; the promotion regardless the longevity, electing as the abilities;
Sales Policy: Satisfying the demands of customers, and harmoniously serving.
Producing Policy: The best products, the lowest cost, pursuing the maximum of benefits.